Studio notes: The Celestial Series

In the studio of Robert Zakanitch: The Celestial Series (in progress), December 28, 2017. Photo: Jason Andrew

In the studio of Robert Zakanitch: The Celestial Series (in progress), December 28, 2017. Photo: Jason Andrew

The Celestial Series

by Robert Zakanitch, Yonkers, 2018

View the series in its entirety here.

My new series is an extension of the In the Garden of the Moon paintings in that the subject matter now goes far beyond our galaxy into the vastness of the glorious visuals of the universe, as if floating quietly from one galaxy or nebula to another. I call it The Celestial Series and also too, like the previous series, are painted in the magical properties created by gouache on paper.

I think of the universe as one continuously moving pulsating life forces creating an endless, organic, breathing, whole. I think of the universe as our familiar place where we all live and contribute constantly to this organism, just by our being here exuding our own powerful individual life energies. Our planet and galaxy’s force contributes equally to the universes endless existence as any the other. It is the destined place in which we each all share our own physical life experience... that permanently etches our mark on the face of infinity simply because we are.

Works in The Celestial Series are paintings of these exquisite energies where all of this occurs. They are each paintings of sacred places of our many unseen life forces, sharing the DNA that we are all made of and intricately all interconnected by.

I feel it is this spectacular immensity with its exquisite beauty, now being observed, on and ,far beyond our gleaming whirling sapphire globe, elegantly and harmoniously working smoothly together, complimenting and causing each others movement, all the while, creating spectacular feasts of visuals like shining jewels of the night: shooting stars, lightening, comets, stars, moons, sun sets, sun rises, moon light, fire flies, fog, rain...

In other words they are paintings of, lives.

Robert Zakanitch, "Big Comet (Celestial Series)," 2018, Gouache and white pencil on paper, 48 x 60 in. (121.9 x 152.4 cm) Collection of the artist